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Metal Roof Leak Repair Elastomeric Roof Coating Systems

We can save almost any metal roof and get it in tip top shape very easily and quickly just like this extreme example seen here.  As you can see the before and after photos speak for themselves saving this business owner thousands of dollars on this roof repair.  Our Elastomeric Roof Coating Systems adjust to any size and shape and will stop all your leaks, We Guarantee It!!!!!

Metal Roof Leak Repair

Why replace the entire roof when only 10% is seriously damaged?

Over the years your metal roof is constantly expanding and contracting with weather changes.  These changes create stress points in your roof which will adventually lead to a failure in your roof seal especially in metal roofs.  A Typical metal roof can expand and contract as much as an inch or more from winter to summer months, so you can see how this can be a problem.

Elastomeric Roof Coatings Gives You the Right Tools to Do the Job Right!

Elastomeric roof leak repair and maintenance products are formulated to stop leaks, save energy and cool the roof while providing protection against future deterioration. By using a combination of Elastomeric Roof Coating products, each task engineered to accommodate your needs, weathering can be minimized.

Problem: Cracks caused by Building Movement and Vibration
Solution: Rubberized Roof Cement
When nominal building movement causes problems around expansion breaks, seams and joints - or when gaps develop around vibrating rooftop equipment or sign supports - Rubberized Roof Cement is the practical solution. This heavy duty, gray rubber caulk sealant has superior resilience to stretch, as much as 600% elongation. Twice rated the #1 repair product by commercial roofers in an independent survey.

Problem: Damage on paneled roof seams, loose fasteners
Solution: Elastomeric seam sealant and Rivet Sealer
Applies in one pass. Brush or spray this gray sealant on metal, mineral cement paneled or other roof seams to develop tremendous tensile strength quickly without bleeding into colored coatings. It's compatible with most all roof coatings.

Problem: Badly weathered or damaged surfaces.
Solution: Reinforcing Membranes
Can be used in combination with the above products when extra repair reinforcement, or even sectional reinforcement is needed.

We know saving a roof not only saves a great deal of money in labor and materials...

... it can prevent costly downtime for commercial building owners. Contents are protected and repairs are made without interrupting tenants. Simplified application provides assured results

Reinforcement Membranes

Rivet Reinforcement

Gutter Restoration

Rubberized Roof Cement

Rust nuetralizer

Metal Elastomeric Roof Coating Systems